So, as of 10/24, my husbands unit left for final training before the actual deployment. I've had a lot going on prior to him leaving. He's not even gone a week, and as of yesterday he proceeds to tell me that I'm not supporting him, and am essentially tearing him down. He's got 10 yrs in, we've only been married for 4 years, and have 4 kids. (3 together, 1 from a previous relationship). I work full time. Since he's left I've only gotten to speak to him on the phone once. And out of nowhere the things he said referenced above came through in a text. Now, I know I may be naive to how the military mind works, but I do believe I've never not supported him. It's hard on him as it is us. What else can I do to show my support? I don't want to lose my husband, but I fear it could be coming...HELP! :'(

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Hey's it going?Have you guys ever done counseling? Or a marriage retreat?




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