WHat are some easy housing options while we wait the 7-8 months for a house on base to become available? My husband will be at HQ 10th mountain and will be stateside while we wait.

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I live in Eagle Ridge Village, its a very nice place! Its about 5 minutes from Drum
I live in Watertown.  We went through a rental company called Nancy D Storino.  We have a place through them that we rented.  Haven't really had many problems and it's about 10-15min from post not including the long lines to get through the gates in the morning.  There are a couple rental companies around but I have only worked with Storinos company.  If you would like their number let me know!!  When my husband and I were looking for a place last summer it was sooo difficult to find something because there are so many families moving in and out that there wasn't a lot open when we looked.  It took us about a couple weeks of living in a hotel to find something.      Let me know if you need any help!!




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