Well its official. We will soon be living in cali and while happy, i am extremely nervous about this "life transplant". New everything exept for my family. Wow what a thought to take in. I am a 28 yr old step mom with a sweet little boy. My husband is switching to seaduty and i am switching from navy wife to marine wife as we have chosen greenside orders. This means a giant move full across the country and i have no idea what i am in store for. Where do ppl hang out? Where do i meet some ladys to hang out with? What should i not waste my time with and how do you cope with the lack of your hubbs?

I know to each their own but some thing are nice to know up front. As there is little i can do from over 2000 miles away. I am reaching out to people to be as prepared as i can for all that is to come. Thanks for your kind words.


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Hi I'm a marine wife and I live here in oceanside ca. Camp Pendleton seems pretty nice. I live off base though. I'm still learning about what to do in California too I moved here two years ago and I haven't been able to really make any friends with the other wives cause I don't have a car so it's really hard to get around if my husband is at work. It's really hard to get a job here too I've only been able to get one interview in the 2 years I've been here it really sucks. Maybe we can learn about California together? 
Hey! I am looking to get a new job when i get there and have a bachelors in graphic design. I currently work for a publishing company doing ad design and am trying to network as much as i can. It seems everyone has once been based at CP and it funny how different the comments are. i will be definately looking to make new friends as soon as i get there. Do u have kids? Do u go to church? I have been looking into newsong. I think having fellow women of God to be around is encouraging and when the hubbs is away, comforting. We have some family around there but its still the other side of the counrty. Lots of change!

You will love San Diego. I've lived here for ovr 20 years and it gets better and prettier all the time. let me know if you need help with directions or any specific thing you are interested in doing.  I'm an Army Mom, don't know the base, but have been on it and it's wondefrul.  Theres a beach on base as well.  Yes, cars are important here.  Good luck!




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