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New Air Force Mom

Started by Jamey Reyes. Last reply by Jamey Reyes Mar 26. 2 Replies

Hello All!  I am a new Air Force mom!  My son will be leaving on April 8th for basic in TX.  So far I have handled this pretty well, however, I am not sure how I will do once he is gone.  I joined…Continue

AMS information

Started by Debbie Alexander. Last reply by Helen Simmons Mar 25. 1 Reply

New to this site. Thank you to all families serving. Our son is currently at the Academy of Military Science at Maxwell AFB. From there he will be going on to pilot training. Would love to hear from…Continue

New to Group - Just saying 'hi'

Started by Helen Simmons. Last reply by Debbie Asbury Feb 25. 5 Replies

Hi Everyone, I am an Air Force Mom of 3 years now (where does the time go!). My son is works closely with the Army and is currently stationed at Pope AFB/Ft. Bragg, NC. I look forward to being a part…Continue

Dealing with Deployment - The Communication Gap - International Phones

Started by Michele Bendy. Last reply by Michele Bendy Nov 14, 2013. 4 Replies

Hi NammasMy son is leaving for Tokyo Japan on 11/20.  He gets to come home for a few weeks before he leaves.  I'm so excited for him, but at the same, not being able to actually see him or spend time…Continue

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Comment by Mary Wisniewski on March 24, 2014 at 9:31am

Hi Michelle. If you are going to send a package outside the USA then I would go regular post office (USPS) they will get the packages to where they need to go. Sounds like your son is pretty excited and nervous all at the same time going on his mission. This is what he has been training for. This is his mission in life to "Keep us Safe." Let go of the fear and worry and know that God is watching over him. I know he will enjoy the goodies that are going to be sent. Send lots cuz he will share. Especially the cookies. :)

Comment by Michelle McKinney on March 19, 2014 at 8:59pm

Hello everyone. I am new here.  My son is in his 3rd year in the USAF.  He is getting ready for his first deployment.  I am a wreck. Because of OPSEC I will with hold the who, when, and wheres.  I do have a question though, he can receive packages but not sure how we send them?  I have an address but is it through regular mail or UPS?  I know this sounds silly, I am just getting very nervous.

Comment by Marina Martin on February 23, 2014 at 7:34pm

Hi Everyone, I'm a very new Proud Air Force Mom of just over 2 months.  I just got back from my sons BMT graduation and wow what a great proud moment for me.  He graduated with his expert marksman pin (I think thats what it's called) and as an Airman 1st Class. I'm so proud of him.  But now comes the hard part and I am trying to get myself ready for it - the day he deploys.  He doesn't yet know where he will go as he is just now starting Tech School, but it will be very hard.  I really enjoy reading all the posts as they help me get through this all.  One thing I did learn and I hope it helps others, is that your letters and support to your airman is so very import during BMT but even more so during Tech School.  My son finds that he has more time on his hands now then while in BMT and that gives them more time to miss their families.  At times, he seems down and I always encourage and love and support him.  I never let him hear me down or like anything is going wrong at home.  I want him to totally focus on his future and he would not be able to do that if he thought his family was not okay.  So I always sound like all is great while talking with him and spend a lot of time on this site just reading everyone's great posts.  Keep them coming everyone because that little something you write and just be what someone else needed to hear.  Thank you all and I'm so happy to have found this wonderful sight.

Comment by Mary Wisniewski on January 23, 2014 at 4:32pm

Hi. Just wanted to share. Robert (my husband) & I attended my son David's formal pinning to "Major" USAF in Denver December 2013.  Robert & I were so very proud to pin the Gold Leafs on his lapel at the ceremony.  Just seeing how your child evolved into a wonderful human being makes my heart skip beats. So very proud.

Comment by Patricia McManus on November 4, 2013 at 1:08pm
This was my reply e-mail to him....."Thank you for replying so quickly.  I was a bit surprised when I read your response, but I completely understand the reasons and the precautions that must be taken.  It is truly very sad that this is a consequence of the world we live in and that good people are denied the opportunity to help our Service Men & Women because of it."
Comment by Deborah Faessler on November 4, 2013 at 12:56pm

Wow indeed!    Times sure have changed, and not for the better!

Comment by Lori Bell on November 4, 2013 at 12:42pm times sure have changed. But I see their point...they don't know you, your environment, etc. However do you know someone on base? They could recommend airmen to you.

I will post this on our FB...I bet there will be lots of ideas/recommendations....and it could bring up an interesting discussion too.
Comment by Patricia McManus on November 4, 2013 at 11:27am

Lori...this was the response I received today from the Deputy Chief, Public Affairs at MacDill AFB... "Thank you so much for thanking of our men and women in uniform during the holidays.  Unfortunately I will not be able recommend Airmen to your home. Please don't take this wrong because I'm sure that you have a wonderful family. However, just imagine if we recommended a young female Airman to a family for the holidays and something happened. I'm positive your intentions are the best, but with the world we live in today, we must take every precaution to protect our Airmen. Thank you so much for thinking of our Airmen."

Comment by Anna E Montes on November 3, 2013 at 4:17am

Thanks Lori for your encouragement. Yes, I keep telling myself "He's really a man now.... on his own". Was just tossing and turning in bed; the minute I wake up he's my first thought.  You're right, it's time for me; I've done the best I could raising three children that are all adults: 37; 34 and 26!  Definitely TIME FOR ME! Thanks for the reminder. 

Glad you mentioned the military cocoon; I didn't quite think of it that way, but I kept thinking "There's got to be some guidance at the admin office, or some support system." I was worried that because he went in as an officer, that they would just expect him to know what to do. Lori, he's hasn't had ANY military experience, nor has he lived on his own.  

I'm trying to manage my emotions.... telling myself that I've been through worse; you see, I'm a breast cancer survivor so I know tough times, kind of drawing from how I got through it all.  Anyway Lori thank you for your words that definitely help. I'll let you know how he settles in.  He's got another week at the hotel they reserved for him, he's kinda concerned about $$$...  But as you said, no need to worry about him. 

Comment by Lori Bell on November 2, 2013 at 1:26am

Hi Anna! First off....CONGRATULATIONS!!!'ve got yourself a man now!! This is going to be such an exciting time for him...I bet he has NONE of the concerns you have!

This is a big move for him...a huge step...first apt or house, so he'll need all your wisdom. No worries about him though...he's cocooned in the military with all the support he needs.

Now it's time to focus on YOU. How are you managing your emotions, thoughts, etc?

I'm posting your question on our FB page...there are even MORE moms there who love giving advice. Check it out when you get a minute.


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