Hey everyone, I am not sure how exactly this site works yet! my cousin found it and recomended I check it out! I am new to the military life, just recently married my husband,whos been in the air force 11years, and we are expecting our first baby, a little boy, oct 9th! We are both very excited! So im here to maybe be able to have some people that might understand life as a military wife and have some support when i might need it!

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Hey Melissa, double congrats on being a new military wife, as well as a future mommy!!!
Hello Melissa and Welcome to the Military Wives Family. Congratulations to your new life as a Military Wife and becoming a new mom. My husband has been in the Air Force for 22+ years and we our son, who is 18, is joining the Navy. We are stationed in Indian Springs, NV (Las Vegas). Military has a great sense of community and glad you are part of that community. - Michele :)
Hi Melissa, my name is Samantha. I'm also new to this site and am looking forward to meeting some great gals on here:) Feel free to message me anytime you want to talk.
Welcome to the Air Force Melissa (I am an AF wife, prior active duty and currently ANG). Your are off to a great start. Asking questions is a perfect way to orient yourself with this new culture. It is very unique and exciting! Congratulations on the life changes you are experiencing!
Don't be afraid to ask lots of questions. No one will think they are silly. We just never had anyone to ask.
thanks everyone! havent been on since i wrote this! got busy being overly pregnant i guess! and then Kai Markus was born oct 13! so now im super busy!!!
Run for your life... Im a 2 year Vet to this, and i have meet a ton of brainwashed military spouses... Bottom line All I can tell you is my experiances, you are nothing. They say they care they say they will help and when u need it the answers i get are.... It is what it is and your not the service member...

Hi Melissa, Im Shannon, I have two kids both under the age of 3 and have been a military wife for almost 4 years. LOVE it. Congrats on becoming a wife and A NEW MOMMA!!!! If you have any questions feel free to ask away.




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