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What a great birthday gift from my son

We had a great homecoming in January when he came home after deployment. The days since are all a 'count down' to when we see him again! For my 61st birthday this year my son sent 2 dozen roses. They were beautiful to say the least but the card....something I will forever treasure. Mother's Day was the day before my birthday and my son said he had a surprise for me. I thought it was another call when I would not normally expect it. He called and said mom...just think you have won a vacation and… Continue

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♥ When Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade! ♥

“When life gives you lemons, make lemonade!” ~Unknown

Sometimes life gets a little or a lot messy and when things in our life seems to be falling apart on the outside, we are often falling apart on the inside.  What are…


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♥ Getting to Know Me ♥

Hi Darling!

My name is Char' Berry and I'm a military spouse, mother, and business woman.  Pretty simple and sweet right?!  If you keep reading you will gain a little more info about each one of those areas in my life. :)

I've been married to my wonderful hubby, Brent, for 6 years now and I've been knowing him since we were 5 years old.  Sometimes I still have to pinch myself that I've been married to someone that I've literally been knowing of my whole life.  Currently we are…


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I knew it was coming someday

I've been married to my navy man for a little over a year now, about the same amount of time he's been enlisted. We barely discussed the topic of deployment, I don't know why, maybe out of denial or fear of bringing it up, and I guess I just forgot about the likelihood of it happening at all. Still, I thought I was prepared. This week my husband reminded me that he will most likely be shipping out at the end of July, and I am absolutely terrified. I'm worried for his safety, of course, but I'm… Continue

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The 3 Most Popular Budget Myths (And How You Can Overcome Them ASAP)

I remember the first time I heard the word "budget". I was twenty-one years old, newly graduated from college, and my Air Force second lieutenant bars were fresh from the factory.  It only took one time when the money ran out before the month that I realized I really hadn't figured out much since leaving mama and daddy's house! Experience really is a great teacher. Other people's…


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Finally home!

After his flight being delayed, my son is finally home and what a wonderful feeling. He loved having his little three year old niece there. Now she is stuck to him like glue. I love hearing every word whether good or bad about deployment..what he liked...what it taught him...what he didn't like....the friends he made and so on. I've always taught him to find something good about any life experience and he sure did! I am thankful to god...friends and family and this wonderful site. I also knew… Continue

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2014 NAMMAS Theme: Cultivating Community


YES....we made it!! What did you make it through? What did you leave behind with sweat on your brow, kicking the dust from your shoes? Many of our members have just started their journey with the military and lots of scary emotions come up. Your service member is…


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A dream come son is back in the states!

Days after my last post, I got the shock of my life. I was sitting in my kitchen and I received a call. I looked at the caller ID and my heart almost stopped. It was my son's phone and since he was deployed and could not use his personal phone I thought someone got his phone. Well it was my son calling from Florida ....Eglin AFB....he was home! He couldn't make it home for Christmas but that's ok. Just knowing he was back in the states was all I could ever want. He is scheduled to come home in… Continue

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Thought it would get easier

My son deployed in August and thankfully we have heard from him several times. We still don't know exactly where he is. I've accepted that and always do my best to sound upbeat and positive. I thought it would get easier but honestly it's so hard to say 'talk to you later'. I always end up in a puddle of tears and of course this time of year isn't helping. I should not feel like this since there are so many families who have not seen their loved one in much longer. Thank heaven I have the most… Continue

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My Husband's Solo Kayaking Trip & Fundraiser for Semper Fi Fund

My husband is planning on a solo kayaking trip from the start of the Mississippi River all the way to the Gulf of Mexico next May. This trip, which will take approximately 2 months, is in honor of our injured heroes who need our help.

All funds go directly to the Injured Marines Semper Fi Fund and will benefit wounded Marines.

My… Continue

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Veterans Day...Thank you!

My son has been deployed since August but it seems like years. The hardest part is still not knowing where he is. God knows and that's all that matters. He does call from time to time and he sounds good. I am so happy he calls his sister and he skypes with his 3 year old neice. Just hearing his voice gets me through my day. I can't imagine a young wife and mother going through deployment. All of you deserve medals of your own. To all our have my deepest gratitude. Blessings…


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How To Provide Support

I have previously posted back in May when my son entered boot-camp.  He has been in the military now for 6 months and it is not what he expected.  He had made it through boot-camp, made new friends, and is now stationed in the states.  His platoon is not very active and they usually spend there days sitting around doing nothing.  With that he is bored and very disappointed.  I have a question,  How can I support my son in this difficult time ?

Also, I wanted to add that if it is…


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Not Alone In A Crowded Room

A few weeks ago I posted a question on our NAMMAS Facebook page asking about the top 3 spouse/mom challenges. It was inspired by a post on our Chatter Box forum. A military spouse said she didn't want her experience at NAMMAS to be "like many other aspects of the military where I feel alone in a crowded room."

I read that…


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I have a smile on my face.....heard from my son!

Received an uplifting message from another Air Force mom going through deployment. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! We have heard from our son a few times and we are grateful....thank heaven for skyping. He can watch his niece grow up...she was a few weeks old when he left for BMT three years ago.

When he left home at 20 he still had that baby face. When I look at him now, just three years later, he is a grown man...his thoughts, the way he carries himself and his plans for the… Continue

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My Airman left for South Korea !!!!

Hello everyone

My son Alex is a security forces officer for the United States Air Force he's just finished tech school and then found out South Korea would be his home for the next year. He left yesterday and I'm a mess!! Anyone one else going through this?!? Why would they send him so far I mean geesh it wasn't even on his with list!!! I miss him badly how do I get over this and know I'll see him again? I feel like he's gone for good him and his girlfriend cried so hard. Please pray for… Continue

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BMT 326TRS/FLT 646

Just wondering if anyone else has someone in this group currently?? Looking to see if anyone has received phone calls yet. Have only received letters at this point.

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Miss him so much

My youngest was just deployed. I don't know where and for how long. You worry from the day they are born but this is brutal. I am sure it will get better but right now......I am walking and breathing.....good start! We are new to the military life and would appreciate hearing from moms who have been through deployment. Seems like yesterday we were at BMT's been two years since then. Time is flying! God bless our loved ones.

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new to site

My son now is at Lackland AFB in basic training.  I know it is only 8 weeks but it seems like he has been gone 8 months!  He really has only been gone for two weeks.  I have such a hard time writing him because I am afraid to say the wrong thing, maybe make him homesick, or maybe make him think that I think he can't handle it, I don't know, then my letters look so short I worry that he might think I don't care!

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Any tips on successfully juggling things while hub is away?

We have a 4 year old daughter who is getting ready to start K4 and our son will be 6 months old on August 12. We live about 5 minutes off post. My husband is gone for about 50 days for a leadership course. This is the first time I've been totally on my own while he's gone. During his deployments, I went back home and had family all around me. So, this is a test for me. I am up for it, just looking for tips from parents out there who have 'mastered' the solo act of keeping up with all the…


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First Timer

Hi, my name is Mel. I am a mother of three, Kaylee 5 Seeley 2 1/2 and Holli 1 1/2, and wife of an Army Reservist currently in OSUT at Fort Leonard Wood, MO. We are currently in week 12 of 20 weeks of training. That's 12 weeks of being a single mom working full time. While my in laws were over joyed my friends and family were less than enthusiastic about me "letting him go." I've stopped talking to my father all together after an argument about my husband "abandoning his family." I don't really… Continue

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