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Proud lonely mom. Son Left for Lackland Air Force Base Oct 8 2012 From Calif

Our son got to take his cell phone and called us 5:30pm Calif time. We put the phone on speaker and when he heard my voice he started to cry and said, "I want to come home."       IT BROKE MY HEART. I am a stay at home mom and I have always been used to fixing everything. Can't fix this. I told him no you are doing great. He passed his physical test. He said he hadn't eating in 3 days. OUTCH! A mother doesn't want to hear that. Then he said he is only getting 3 hours sleep a night. Now this…


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New to AF my son will leave for BMT on 11/13/12

My son and I have faced a lot of changes in the past year, one of them being his decision to join the AF.  I read another blog here on the site that verified that the feelings I have are customary for was a relief to know that the crying for any reason, going through the feelings of nostalgia are not of my own creation!

I recently moved to Virginia and my son came for a visit (he lives in San Antonio) and when I went to drop him off at the airport this morning, I felt like…


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air force mom

my son graduated from lackland air force base, on oct.5, 2012. trs. 326 and flt 626.

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Make Date Night A Night to Remember

Want a fun and creative way to spice up date nights? Make a Date Night Can! Decorate an old can of some fruit or vegetable...make sure it's big enough to put your hand inside...and fill it with date night ideas written on scraps of paper. To really awaken the kid in you, get your kids to help fill the can!




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Military Family Organization Tip - The Family Notebook

When you have a family, being organized is difficult enough. As a military family, being organized, especially administratively, is a MUST! How many times have you ahd to search for a birth certificate? How many times have you had to call to ask for a new copy of ____? Ever gotten to a place to get established, and needed a document that you forgot at home?

You don't have to go through that any more! Here's an organization tip I learned along the way - The Family Notebook. This works…


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Female airmen at Lackland in TRS320/668

My 18 year old daughter left on August 28 for BMT & is now in her third week! We have had a couple phone calls and our first letter came yesterday! I think we are both doing better as the weeks roll by! LOL

Does anyone else out there have a daughter at Lackland?

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Monday started WOT 1.  I haven't received any calls or letters from my son.  I understand this is a priviledge that they must earn.  They even have to earn the priviledge of READING the letters they receive.  This is all to get them ready for their new life.  I didn't understand how my life would change as his changes.  I know he is becoming stronger, more independent and self assured.  As his mom, I am SO not used to not being able to see, hear and touch him!  This has been the biggest…


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Off to Japan

well me and my husband will be leaving for Japan early january and im a bit freaked out and dont know what to expect. we just got married and this will be our first journey together. is there any spouses out in Kadena who will give me some advice and pointers?


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The scripted call

boy was that tough! He called and we got to hear his voice, but other than "I love you" and " be strong", I didn't get to actually talk to him. He started out really strong, but by the end, his voice was wavering.  I managed not to cry while he was on the phone. I want to be as strong as he is and must continue to be to get through this.  I pray for him every single day.  I know he will succeed.  I look forward to meeting the man he will become! I am SO PROUD to be his mom!


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Zero Week

Well, we are on day two of Zero Week.  We haven't heard from our Airman yet.  I can't wait for that first phone call, just to know he is safe.  I have already begun writing letters!  I want to be as supportive as possible. He has never been away from home before.  This is a huge adjustment. I am SO PROUD to be his mom!

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USMC Life helps families stationed on Marine Corps Bases

Have you found that you wished you would have known things about your base before you got stationed there? USMC Life is here to help solve that problem for families moving aboard major Marine Corps Bases.

The website started from a simple question the founder was asked. Her Marine asked her what she thought about moving to one particular duty station or the other? She didn’t know anything about either duty station and couldn’t…


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Tips To Survive Your First Deployment

Read the original article here.

The primary occupational hazard of military life is deployment. In our current state of affairs, if a soldier is in the military long enough, s/he will get deployed. Depending on the job your soldier has, those deployments can start to rack up. But how do you get through that first one?

When you’re new to the military, there are LOTS of unknowns. You don’t know how the…


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Empower Network Review For AND by A MilSpouse

Military Spouses [MilSpouses] have been challenged in the workplace for years. At some point, you have been introduced to a home-based business. You were introduced to it as an alternative to finding a job, and as a means of making money from home, with the flexibility to work around your family and your soldier spouse.

Add to that…

If you’ve been in the home-based business industry, and you’ve been trying to grow your business on the internet, you have a blog or have…


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hey this is for marti can you friend me looks like im an idiot and dont know how really liked your coments thanks

need some info on wat to do when im unsure if hes grad on time when to purchase tickets when theres no refund and no changes without heavy charges i just dont know.


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Soldiers Angels

Soldier's Angels

Do you know of soldier who needs mail, a care package or other items?  Do you know of a family who has lost a soldier that needs comforting? Would you like to be involved with more families of soldiers?  Soldier's Angels can help and would love to hear from you!

Soldiers' Angels is a volunteer-led 501(c)(3) nonprofit with hundreds of thousands of volunteers providing aid and comfort to the men and women of the…


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Sometimes It's Ok to Be A Baby...

Have you ever had a bad computer day? The email doesn't work right, you can't access the files you need, or you simply can't get connected.  My day is like that today, with all of the above going on.  It sounds like a small thing but when you can't get what you need when you need it, it can be like the world is on fire!  But I was looking in my journal and  found this message from January 26:

"Today I want you to picture Me cradling you.  Whenever you feel the stressors of the…


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Does He See You?

So often we question and wonder...does He see me? Does He know me? Does He love me? I was wondering the same thing one day.  Here is God's message to both of us:

Why do you love me? Don't you see me? What is it about me that thrills you?

"You are like me. You are part of me. You are mine. I created you to love. Everything about you is fantastic. Sure there are things we're going to work on, but you, the eternal you, you are divine and simply beautiful.  I want…


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Giving You Everything...

Here is what God has in mind concerning you today:

"I love you and I really do want what's best for you. I'm excited about you! Just walk with me. Talk with me. Give me everything you are so I can give you everything I am. I want to make myself known to you, as the Father makes himself known to me. I'm not holding anything from you. I want to give you everything.  Abide in me and let my words abide in you."

With love and blessing


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MAIL: Is there a limit to the number of pieces of mail my son can receive each day? He is at Lackland AFB.

MAIL: Is there a limit to the number of pieces of mail my son can receive each day? He is at Lackland AFB.


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Why I Do What I Do!

I am LuSundra Everett.

I am a Military Wife – Army Wife to be more specific.

I am a mom.

I am an internet marketer.

I am an internet marketing trainer.

I am an internet marketing consultant.

I am an entrepreneur.


That almost sounds like a commercial!

And you might say, ‘So what?’

Well, there is reason I’ve chosen my path. That’s what I want to share today.

My story: As stated, I’m an Army Wife. So moving is what…


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