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The 3 Most Popular Budget Myths (And How You Can Overcome Them ASAP)

I remember the first time I heard the word "budget". I was twenty-one years old, newly graduated from college, and my Air Force second lieutenant bars were fresh from the factory.  It only took one time when the money ran out before the month that I realized I really hadn't figured out much since leaving mama and daddy's house! Experience really is a great teacher. Other people's…


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Not Alone In A Crowded Room

A few weeks ago I posted a question on our NAMMAS Facebook page asking about the top 3 spouse/mom challenges. It was inspired by a post on our Chatter Box forum. A military spouse said she didn't want her experience at NAMMAS to be "like many other aspects of the military where I feel alone in a crowded room."

I read that…


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I Know This Is a Hot Button Topic But Here Goes... :-)



I've never "blogged" before (I'm normally a commentor) so here goes... Does anyone watch Army Wives? I know that the show isn't very "realistic". I'm an Air Force wife and even I can see the differences in General Holden's Army and the real one. But still, it's fun to watch! And I like that they deal with real military issues. I'd say I'm somewhere between a Roxie/Pamela type person if you watch the show. My SIL is married to an Army Soldier so we always watch it…


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Military Family Organization Tip - The Family Notebook

When you have a family, being organized is difficult enough. As a military family, being organized, especially administratively, is a MUST! How many times have you ahd to search for a birth certificate? How many times have you had to call to ask for a new copy of ____? Ever gotten to a place to get established, and needed a document that you forgot at home?

You don't have to go through that any more! Here's an organization tip I learned along the way - The Family Notebook. This works…


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Make Date Night A Night to Remember

Want a fun and creative way to spice up date nights? Make a Date Night Can! Decorate an old can of some fruit or vegetable...make sure it's big enough to put your hand inside...and fill it with date night ideas written on scraps of paper. To really awaken the kid in you, get your kids to help fill the can!




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2nd time around

Hello...my name is Stephanie and I am actually the Mother of a Son in the US Navy. One of his best friends lives here in our town (my Son is stationed in another state). I am what I consider a 2nd Mom or Aunt to B so for my posts I will identify him as my nephew. B has enlisted in the Air Force!!! He has a leave date for basic on April 23rd and its exciting and scary and prideful, just like it was when my Son went through boot camp. My goal is to support B, be here for him to reach out to while… Continue

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Fredericksburg, VA Family Support Group

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Childcare for Military Families

Hi everyone.  I had an article published and I wanted to share it with you all. It talks about childcare in the military and the unique challenges our families face finding flexible, affordable childcare for our kids.  Please take a look and email me for more information! Thanks…


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Tips To Survive Your First Deployment

Read the original article here.

The primary occupational hazard of military life is deployment. In our current state of affairs, if a soldier is in the military long enough, s/he will get deployed. Depending on the job your soldier has, those deployments can start to rack up. But how do you get through that first one?

When you’re new to the military, there are LOTS of unknowns. You don’t know how the…


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Great Resource for Space-A Travelers

Hi Everybody, I wanted to share some info I found at military.com. Having just completed Space-A travel (see my previous post) I figure the information provided here would benefit some of you who may consider Space-A one day. When it works, it REALLY works! We saved literal thousands with Space-A. But when it doesn't...well you incur more unexpected expenses than planned for.

Be prepared and know what to expect. Check it out here:… Continue

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Motivation Monday, Issu #2: Just how free are you?

We're celebrating independence day this week and it got me thinking about freedom.  How many of us truly live like we're free? I've heard the "glass ceiling" and the "fixed income" and all sorts of things we tell ourselves to explain why we haven't excelled past where we are. So what's holding you back?

What hinders you from feeling and being free? What one thing can you do this week to free yourself from judgement, schedule, conflict, worry, etc?

Start the conversation and…


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24 Best Potty Training Tips for Boys (from Moms who know!)

Did you know that in a study done by AOL in February of 2008, they discovered potty training is the MOST searched parenting topic on the internet? I didn’t know this (well, not until I read about it), but I’m not surprised.  Chances are, I was one of those parents! And from the response on our NAMMAS Military Stay-at-Home Moms Facebook Fan Page,

I’m not alone! When asked “What are your best potty…


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On Being a Key Spouse

I'm and Air Force Key Spouse and I often hear "What's that?" Or "Do I have a Key Spouse?" Or even "What do you all do?"  That troubles me for many reasons.  It does because that tells me that not too many people know about us and therefore can't access our knowledge about military benefits, or even avail themselves of the services we offer.

We are an integral part of our squadrons providing peer to peer support for our Airmen and Airwomen.  We are the face of the Unit and must adhere…


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christmas card

Hi everyone,

 I was so excited today , I got the first letter from my son and it was a christmas card!! he said how much he missed us and that he realized how much he took for granted , what a good kid, he also send a pair of Air Force wing earings for me !!

such a relief knowing he is okay

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Sharing the Discipline Responsibilities...Our Never-ending Battle!

I don't know about you but here at our house sharing the responsibility of disciplining our 7 children is almost impossible. My husband is Active Duty National Guard and is gone probably close to 90% of the time, leaving me to basically raise the kids on my own for the most part. I'm cool with that...after 16 years of marriage you learn to work these things out BUT...sometimes we don't agree on how to discipline the children. He wants to have his say because he's the head of the family, and…


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How Big Is Your Net?

Since creating NAMMAS two years ago, I have learned that a person's social and professional net worth is directly proportional to their network.  This basically means you can be of little value to those around you unless your network extends beyond your small circle of friends.


Here's what I mean:


This week has been one of my most fun ever! There were back-to-back events that I was invited to attend and since I love to be where moms of service members and…


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Military kids and reintegration

I have a 10 month old girl, a 3 year old boy and an 8 year old boy. My husband has been underway and thne just got back from a 4 month dployment(humanitarian). Well, anyway, I just wanted to know if ANYONE has had issues with older kids 6-10 who have had behavioural issues when their Mommy or Daddy has come back. The school feels as if, my son should be happy. I feel the same way, but it is hard. Hard going from Mommy telling him what to do, to be able to "play" Mommy against Daddy. When my…


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Did your budget get deployed?

via www.militarydutystations-blog.com

Get Financially Naked manisha thakor

Sarah Edens is a proud Air Force wife and freelance writer. She has BA's in history and Spanish from the University of Mary Washington in Fredericksburg, VA. In addition t…

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Finding time to exercise during the holiday season!

In addition to an already full schedule during the holiday season, we still MUST find time to exercise. Exercise should go on your daily "to do" list. Just like you shower and brush your teeth, exercise should be added and done daily (or at least most days of the week).

The question is often asked -when is the best time to exercise. The answer is - WHENEVER YOU CAN! Ideally, exercising first thing in the morning is great because it sets the tone for your day, rev up your…


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Try This: Jar Cakes! What Are Those You Ask?

Jar Cakes

With the holidays right around the corner, I thought I’d share one of my favorite recipe ideas to send our troops…jar cakes! Some of you may already know how to make these, but for those who want to learn, read on! These cakes are super easy to make, creative and economical as well. All you do is bake your…


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