Matthew West is on of my favorite artists. On May 17, 2007 he underwent very serious vocal surgery in which he had to go through a long period of uncertainty, dissatisfaction, fear, doubt and most painful of all....silence. Absolutely no talking.
To his wife. To his baby girl. To his friends.

As little sound as possible coming from his vocal cords.

Miraculously he completely recovered from this operation and from it learned some valuable lessons that we can learn from here. He poses a simple question to us in his song "Going Through The Motions". So I ask you...

Are you living life halfway?

Scared to show your most authentic self for fear of rejection, abuse, or failure?

Will you look back on 2009 and wonder "what if I had given everything?"

Be inspired and check out the official video of Matthew West's "Goi...

Give EVERYTHING you've got and get EVERYTHING in return.

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