James called yesterday and really earlier then usual. Thank God we were all here. He passed the gas chamber with flying colors. YEAH! He got his blues. Last week his knees went out so he had to go to the hospital for meds and light duty for 3 days. No running. But they sure kept him busy. He loves grilled cheese sandwiches, which he would NEVER eat at home. Loves Sundays because it is grilled cheese and Jesus. I am so please he has let Jesus in his life. We are  counting down 3 1/2 weeks. Got the plane tickets and got our rooms at a very nice place for $60 a night with 2 beds. Life it good. 

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Comment by Annette Jones on November 29, 2012 at 8:36pm

Well we are counting down the days. 7 days and we head to San Antonio. YEAH! James called yesterday. What a surprise. He has written us many loving letters and has changed so much. 



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