I am a proud Navy Corpsman Wife. We got married August . 14th, 2008. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me beside my kids (: Its a since of pleasure knowing that my husband has a job that he does so well and knowing he likes his job. He is my hero, not only cuz he protects and serves this country but because he puts his life on the line everyday for people he does not know.


Next year will be the first time my husband will have to deploy since we have been together. I have been lucky so far, knowing that my husband has been home safe and sound. Now he will be going. This is his job and I knew what he had to do when I married him. It sucks knowing that the person you love so much will be gone overseas but I have to be strong for him, so than he wont worry about me when he is gone and loss his consternation on his job.

My love for you will always be here and never change <3





I know I'll be counting down every second of everyday until I hear your voice :) Mmauhh baby


Sleeping with out you is going to make me go crazy! Knowing that you will be coming home and you get to sleep with me in our bed is well worth the wait!


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